Welcome to Gwylan models, a high quality service provider for the scale model and wargames industry. I am a freelance technician specialising in providing resin casting for production, and digital design services for creation of new master models. I design masters that can be 3D printed on the latest cutting edge machines, as well as designing parts and kits for plastic injection moulding. Currently my specialisms include; armoured and wheeled vehicles, ships and boats, aircraft, weapons and artillery, equipment and personal armour among many others.

I will consider any project, so please get in touch if you have any question, thanks for visiting.

Will Jayne.

1/700 Carlo Bergamini released!

Our latest kit is now for purchase! This 1/700 all resin kit of the Italian FREMM Class Frigate features a high level of detail, brass photo etch parts and a sheet of decals. Stop by the products page for more info!

Site Relaunch

I'm back! Having pursued some other projects for a few months I have decided to focus on CAD design services and resin casting. Check the service page for details.

1/1250 Products Discontinued

I regret to announce that we will be ceasing manufacture and discontinuing all our 1/1250 scale products except for the Hobby Boss kit photo etch sets. All our remaining stock has been bought be www.waterline-ships.co.uk and can be found there. There may be some good bargains to be had. From now on it is our intention to concentrate on 1/700 scale and casting work. We would like top thank all the collectors who have supported our 1/1250 products, and we are sorry that we have to stop making them.

1/700 Steregushchy kit now available!

My first 1/700 kit, the Russian Steregushchy class corvette is now available. More information on this kit can be found on our products page.

USS Meredith released:

The final model in the FRAM series is now available. The USS MEREDITH is shown in her 1966 fit.

New online shop facility:

We're pleased to announce that we have added an online direct sales shopping facility to the products page with an easy to use paypal shopping cart. Our 1:1250 scale products are not available for direct sales, but our range of 1:700 products which is currently under development will be available for direct sales.

Container Logos for Revell 1/700 Colombo Express:

These decals are now available through our dealers. Why not make this already impressive model a bit more colourful and visually appealing, a must have for your Colombo Express! We'd also like to welcome Freetime Hobbies and White Ensign Models to our growing list of retailers.

Re-designed website:

Our website has been overhauled, and we hope you aggree that it's now much prettier than the last one - and more importantly better functioning. Look out for new web pages and two new product ranges launching this month!

Welcome aboard Wiedling.de!

Peter Wiedling is now stocking our products. Visit his website by clicking here.

Winter Releases:

New products are being released at a pleasing pace, and we have a good few this month. Our biggest release is the new USS JOSEPH P. KENNEDY Gearing FRAM (DD850.) We're really pleased with this model, and we have made an effort to make this model more affordable while not compromising on quality. You are the judges but we hope you will be pleased. This model is cast in high quality white metal, and like the SUMNER DD it features photo etched parts and decals. It is finished in White Ensign USN Haze Grey and Deck Grey for colour authenticity. We hope the model does justice to the vessel still afloat in Battleship Cove.

Other releases incude the following decals; Flight deck markings and numbers for ESSEX and INDEPENDENCE class WW2 CV's, STATES MARINE LINES merchant decals, MOORE-McCORMACK LINES merchant decals, USN Hull Numbers and IJN Aircraft roundels.

Thanks again from all here for your continuing support and we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Lots of new releases:

What a month! As of about two weeks ago Gwylan Models became my full time occupation, and Jess, Paul and I have been working hard to get some new releases out. For all those who haven't heard at shows and other events, Paul Lewis joined the Gwylan Team as a painter a few months ago, and he's been working hard on the new destroyers. He's done an amazing job, and I hope you'll all aggree with me when I say that these new models look very handsome! He will be doing more freelance work in future and his input so far has been invauable. Thanks Paul!

We have quite a few new releases for you this month. The first is the USS ALLEN M. SUMNER (DD692) FRAM II destroyer (product code GM05.) We decided to go to town on this model, and over the RP master you will find authentic USN Haze grey and deck grey, along with a photo etched mast and aft mast. Also the model sports a full set of decals including hull numerals, flight deck markings and hangar door markings. We hope you'll all be as pleased as we are with how they came out.
Also we have quite a few decals ready for you, namely: USN aicraft decals (GDO3,) Luftwaffe aircraft decals (GD04,) RAF aircraft decals (GD05,) Soviet aircraft decals (GD06,) MANCHESTER LINERS merchant decals (GD07,) ISBRANDTSEN merchant decals (GD08.) LYKES LINES merchant decals (GD10) and Modern Container Logos (GD12.) Phew! We would have done the others, but we ran out of ink. Once we have more in we'll get them done.

Look out for all these new products in the shops of our dealers.

My University Graduation and Show:

Hi all. I've been neck deep in university work lately and will be until June. I know many of you are waiting for the FRAM DD's, I had hoped to release them just after easter but my final major project had other ideas. Thankyou for your continued patience and support. After graduation I hope things will get done a little more speedily. It's still unclear whether I will be working full time with Gwylan or looking for employment in industry. After the show I'll have a better idea. Until then, I'll do my best to get the first batch of destroyers built, but they may yet be some time. Once again I apologise for the delays.

Welcome aboard Colletio Navalis!

Our future models will now be available from Collectio Navalis in Berlin. Welcome aboard guys! Thankyou to all those who have given us feedback on the ZHEN HUA 6, we are very proud that they have been so well recieved.

Zhen Hua 6 and Cranes are available!

At long last these models are on their way to your dealers. This project suffered some serious delays, but we hope that the wait is worth it for those of you who have been waiting. Thanks again for your patience and support!

Work has also begun on the new photo etch sets for the Spruance class kits by Hobby Boss. These should be available shortly.

FRAM destroyer news:

The designs have now been printed and will be put into production soon. We believe these will make very fine models. Thanks go to George Elder for supporting this project.

Zhen Hua 6 update:

The Zhen Hua 6 and stand alone container cranes are on track for a mid september release. Thankyou for all your patience with this product.

FRAM Destroyer progress:

The RP designs for our next range of models are nearing completion. You can preview them through the image below.


Due to popular demand, we will now be releasing kits of our models. These will be availiable through our dealers, and if not can be ordered directly from us on request. Spare parts can be ordered directly from us only.

Welcome aboard 1250 Ships.com:

Our ranks of dealers swell once more, and we are very pleased to add Chris Daley of 1250ships.com to our list of distributors. We are very encouraged by the interest in our models. The first batch of Zhen Hua 6 models will be released in early September, and can be purchased through any of our dealers.

Welcome aboard Galerie Maritim:

We are pleased to add German distributor Galerie Maritim to our list of dealers, they can be reached through the dealers page.

Welton show and Tico PE guide:

It was really good to meet you all yesterday, it was a very productive and enjoyable day. Thankyou for all you comments and feedback on the models.
Many of you have bought the Photo Etch detail kit for the Hobby Boss ships, a comprehensive assembly guide is now available from the download section.

Zhen Hua 6 final version:

The production version of the Zhen Hua 6 is finished. See the image below for more photos. Our dealers will have the model in stock by early september.

US CG Photo etch sets are here:
...and they'll be on our stand at Welton. An assembly and painting guide is being written to show how they go together.

Photo Etched super-detail sets for US CG's:
Photo etched duper detail sets will soon be available from our dealers. They will fit the 1:1250 scale Hobby Boss kits of the USS Ticonderoga, USS Princeton and USS Vincennes. They will be availabe at Welton from our dealers' stands. We are planning many PE sets for the future.

See you all at Welton:

We will be attending the Welton ship show. On our stand will be the Zhen Hua 6, and some other surprises! See you all there.

Also, I'm pleased to announce that Bill Scoenmakers of Technisch Speelgoed POM will be distributing our models in the Netherlands. Wecome aboard Bill!

Welcome aboard Antics:

Antics will now be carrying our range of models, they can be reached through the dealers page.

Relocation relocation relocation:

We will be in the process of moving workshops for the next fortnight, and we have lots of shiny new equipment to play with as well. Also, our first RP model will be announced soon, and will go into production this summer. More news as it comes.

Welcome aboard waterline-ships.co.uk:

We are pleased to announce that the UK dealer Martin Brown will now be distributing our products. Thankyou to all distributors who have shown interest in our products.

Zhen Hua 6 progress update:

Some of you may have seen the prototype photo's, our production model will be greatly improved. The model now features a far higher level of detail including photo-etch parts on both the ships and cranes! Lots of you are asking for photo's, and we're working as fast as we can to get a model finished to photograph. We are aiming to release this model around July/ August at the latest.

Zhen Hua 6 now available for pre-order:

Our first model, ZHEN HUA 6 is now in the production stage and will be released as soon as we have the first batch made, click the image below for more information. The model will first be available from the US dealer Morning Sunshine Models, but we are actively looking for UK and European distributors.
We would like to thank Morning Sunshine Models for their invaluable help and support as we enter this industry.

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